School Culture


As a registered government primary school we have a legal and moral responsibility for keeping our children safe. At Zeerust Primary School we are committed to taking reasonable steps to accommodate the needs of all children irrespective of their culture, language, disability or vulnerability.


At Zeerust Primary School we have in place policies and procedures which address the issue of child safety. The school council is responsible for setting policy. Our current policies are here while other groups within the school include child safety as part of their remit. These are the curriculum committee, which is comprised of all teaching staff, and the junior school council which is comprised of students. The principal is a member of each of these groups and has the key responsibility for operationalising the government's child safe agenda.


OUR PURPOSE - 2015-2018 Strategic Plan 

Our motto is building health in mind and body. Our purpose is to deliver the very best in student learning in a small school environment.


WHAT WE VALUE - 2015-2018 Strategic Plan 

Zeerust Primary School expects that its students and its teaching-staff, will, be:


A. Self-sufficient learners, where they:


1.         Will set realistic and challenging goals,


2.         Are resilient and authentic, and


3.         Value effort and celebrate improvement.


B. Civil learners, who:


4.         Focus on issues, not individuals,


5.         Offer solutions, not blame, and


6.         Practice kindness, generosity and gratitude.



Each term the children set themselves SMART goals. These are:

  • Specific.
  • Measureable.
  • Achievable.
  • Realistic, and
  • Timely.


Being Good, Being Clever is a student recognition program that promotes character development, self-esteem, and perseverance. Students caught being good or being clever are given a raffle ticket that goes into a fortnightly draw. The winner of the draw is presented with a certificate and a giveaway. The Being Good, Being Clever program provides teachers with a tool to reward students for special achievements that may otherwise go unnoticed.


At the end of each year an event is held in which students are able to display their musical and dramatic talents in front of an audience. The night is also used to review the years events and present the Junior and Senior Citizens of the Year awards and acknowledge the graduating grade 6s and those families whose connection with the school is ending. 



A student from each room is chosen to receive this award on their academic and social skills displayed in all different circumstances throughout the year. The students are presented with their medallion at the Christmas concert and their names are inscribed on an honour plaque which hangs in the school’s front foyer.