Camps and Excursions



Camps are special. They provide a great opportunity for our kids to learn about places, themselves and to meet and socialise with the students they will eventually go to secondary school with. 


We anticipate taking foundation grade students on whole-school camps.

We go to camp with Dhurringhile, Wunghnu and Waaia-Yalca South Primary Schools, These are imilar sized schools to us. In 2021 we are off to 15 Mile Creek for an outdoor camp. 


Working on an 18 month cycle our grade 5 and 6 students may be offered (numbers are limited) the chance to go to Somers Camp. This is a 9 day adventure camp and is designed to test the children's courage and resilience. 

Grade 5 and 6 students will be offerred opportunities to attend leadership camps at the Outdoor School. 


Woorabinda camp is a district-based one-week camp offered to grade 4s and 5s on an 18 month cycle. If a Zeerust student goes to this camp we don't expect them to apply for Somers in grade 5 and 6. 



In addition, the school council organise a whole school excursion (usually, but not always, at the end of each year). These have included trips to Sovereign Hill, Yarrawonga, Queenscliff (beach), Lake Mountain (snow), Luna Park (fun), and Funfields (wet). These have proven to be great whole school outings where parents and siblings have also been invited to attend.


Local Excursions

Parents are ask to sign a one-time permission notice for local excursions. These include trips to Shepparton and the surrounding district. It includes interactions with Dhurringhile, Wunghnu and Waaia-Yalca South Primary Schools.