Democratic Principles

As a Victorian state government school we support and promote the principles of Australian democracy which are that our government is elected; That the rule of law applies to our actions and we recognise that all persons are equal before the law; and, we support freedom of religion, speech and association.


School Council

The principal of Zeerust PS is the CEO of the Zeerust PS School Council. This group is responsible for setting the school's strategic direction through quadrenniel (strategic) and annual planning. Developing school policy (see Resources) and overseeing the school's finances. The principal manages the school's legal compliance.


In 2020 the school will run with one teacher (Dr. Peter Farrell), a part-time classroom teacher (Ms. Jacinta Cari), and a part-time classroom aide. (Kathy Morrison). Our bursar, Mrs. Lyndall Roberts, attends the school once a week. Other staff will visit the school to provide Japanese, Library and Art.