Office Manager

Mrs. Lyndall Roberts is our bursar and she works part-time (0.2) which means she is at Zeerust once a week. In 2019 this is each Thursday. 


General Permission Note

Each year the school sends sends home a general permission note which covers local excursion permissions (which covers trips to Shepparton, and cluster and interaction schools), permission for use of photographs, permission to conduct headlice checks, and student acknowledgement that they will use ICT (information and communication technology) in accordance with school policy. Camps and excursions beyond the local area and cluster/interaction schools will be subject to an individual permission form. 



The P&F School Information Booklet is updated on a yearly basis and a copy is available on this link

We no longer use a newsletter. Information can be found in our public and private Facebook Pages:


This website is regularly updated.


SMS texting - the principal has the numbers of all parents and guardians in his personal phone and will from time-to-time use this media to contact all or some parents simultaneouly. 


The school does have a communication policy. See this page.