Groups in the school


The captain and ministers are:


  • Charli: Captain
  • Lucy: Minister (TBA),
  • Stephanie: Minister (TBA), and
  • Mia: Minister (TBA). 

While each student minister has a particular portfolio of responsibilities the decision-making will be shared by all but the Captain will have a more significant role. 



The captain will act as the conduit between students and students, students and staff, and students and parents (the P&F). The captain will help children to resolve their issues. The captain will set the agenda for the JSC for the year, and ensure that tasks are carried out and set goals are achieved. The captain will run assembly, chair town meetings, and lead JSC meetings. The school captain will also communicate with the wider community.  


Minister for Achievement

This minister will focus on actions that will assist our students to identify and achieve their learning goals.


Minister for Engagement  

This position is about helping students feel good about coming to school every day. This minister will be focused upon sports and games and some of the extra-curricular activities undertaken by the school.  


Minister for Wellbeing

The role for this minister is to facilitate activity where students feel good about themselves. This minister help facilitate the daily fitness.


The JSC will meet regularly. 



The school council is a voluntary body consisting of parents, staff and co-opted community members. The council sets policy and oversees the financial management of the school. The school council meets twice each term and parents are welcome to attend. Elections are held at the beginning of Term 1 and councillors are elected for a two year period.



Meetings are held twice a term in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and we encourage all families to become members. Membership is only $1 per year per person. Your ideas and suggestions are appreciated on how or what we can do to help our school and our children.