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For any enrolment we strongly recommend a visit.


For foundation enrolment your child should be turning five before May in the year of enrolment. There is an enrolment form available above or ftom from our office and it will be necessary to photocopy your child’s immunisation record and sight a health care card if claiming financial hardship. School fees are discussed below.


Our transition process for local foundation students begins in Term 4 of the previous year. Parents will be contacted about the state-wide transition day and the more informal transition days the school hosts. The P&F provides new uniforms for purchase, and secondhand uniforms for free (depending on availability).

For older students coming in from outside the local area, or from the Catholic or independent system enrolment is relatively straightforward. Visit the school, determine if we are a good fit for you, submit an enrolment form, organise a uniform and start school.


If the student is from a school in and around Shepparton there are special protocols in place.

Enrolment from other government schools around Sheppaton.


2017 Enrolments

We are offering seven transition days in Term 4 of 2016. These will occur mostly on a fortnightly basis with the first one set for October 4.


The other dates are:

October 18, November 1 (Melbourne Cup), November 15, November 29, December 6 (the state-wide official day), December 13 (the Parents & Friends excursion).


Please note these are all Tuesdays, but for the Melbourne Cup week where you can pick any other day that suits.



Small, safe and secure. Great kids, great academic results, and so very close to Shepparton.

So why should you bring your child to Zeerust PS? Well, to be brutally honest our academic results are awesome! We have all our students do the NAPLAN each year and so each year we record the score. From 2011 to 2012 our effect size (as per Prof. John Hattie) was twice that expected of an average program in reading, numeracy and spelling. In my classroom I have a teaching student ratio of 1 to 11 so no one flies under the radar at my school.


In a place like Zeerust the interaction is vertical. Older kids relate to younger kids. In big schools your grade 4 child (one of 50 for example) can fall out with another grade 4 and never have to speak to that child - AGAIN! Not so in Zeerust - kids have to forgive each other and get on; and they do. We reflect the real workplace. Many of of our kids play weekend sport and so, knowing other kids, isn't hard.


We are extremely well represented in athletic sports - one third of our students qualified for division X country and one student is going onto the next level. We have students going on to zone level athletics events later this year. We regularly send graduating students to the select entry secondary school program.


If you want a good start - the best start for your child then enrol them at Zeerust. If you aren't happy about your child's schooling then maybe we will be a viable alternative. We have families that drive past other schools and come to us.



School Fees 2017

School council set the school fee for 2017 at $200 for each F-4 student and $250 for each grade 5-6 student. The higher fee for senior students reflects their higher cost.

These fees cover student requisites and cover all cluster days, interaction days, other local excursions and incursions, plus a third of the cost of swimming.

The fee may be paid all at once or by instalments. Families claiming hardship should discuss this with us and present a current health-care card. 

Please note camps are charged separately.